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Tracy Vaughn
Tracy Vaughn
September 29, 2023.
A few years ago I was in full burnout mode in my medical career as a surgical PA. I started looking into others areas that would give me a better work life balance. I found aesthetics compelling but most training programs seemed totally inadequate to teach the vital skills needed to be an excellent injector. I didn’t want to be mediocre I wanted to be top notch. After extensive research I found supervision 180 and immediately appreciated the quality in the program which allowed self paced online learning followed by hands on training with several experienced injectors. What clinched my commitment was the added business training and industry connections that supervision 180 offered. The program was packed with information, and mentoring. After finishing the program I feel confident that I will be successful. The program even provides a path to get advanced training as my business grows. I feel like I made a great decision to learn my skills with supervision 180 and will continue to return to level up.
Nicole Paige
Nicole Paige
September 28, 2023.
From the first time I spoke with Tom (CEO) on the phone I knew that Supervision180 was going to be amazing! The entire staff was very helpful with my many questions during the live webinar classes to the actual hands on training. I felt supported and valued as a student throughout the entire training. Supervision180 gave me all the tools that I need to be successful in becoming the best injector. OMG... the injector trainers were AMAZING, they were from all backgrounds - Dentists, PAs, RNs! My advice to any student wanting to start a botox and filler business would be to do your research like I did... You will return to Supervision180.
Tray Willi
Tray Willi
September 28, 2023.
I have always wanted to learn how to do cosmetic injectables. I figured I would learn the skills and then work for someone. I researched several companies over the years, and none compared to Supervision 180. The safe hands-on training with the models and students was a great experience. The program is predicated on anatomy, which is my favorite subject. Besides learning how to inject safely, the program will prepare nurses to start and grow a cosmetic injectable practice. At this point in my nursing career as a nurse practitioner, the rat race for me is over. From now on, I need 100% autonomy for my job; using Supervision 180 business concepts will get me there soon! Their program is one of a kind. I feel confident and secure with applying and moving forward with the basics I learned with the trainers. I advise future students not to be fearful of the additional costs associated with the program but to be financially prepared instead. Sometimes, it feels overwhelming, but Supervision 180 will lead you on the right path to success. I highly recommend Supervision 180. Thanks, Tracy Williams, FNP-C
September 27, 2023.
Hey all! RN and now owner of my very own aesthetic business. Supervision 180 has been such an exciting experience. I came into this program because not only does it give you a wealth of knowledge on injecting but also assisted with starting my own practice! There are many steps to start a business and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their guidance. They provide all the steps and resources that you would need for success. They are super supportive and only want success for their students!! The hands on training was a great experience. The trainers were so informative and knowledgeable. You could really tell that they also wanted success for each of us. It helps to see and hear their stories as well…just knowing that they started right where we are and now having a booming business! I have a suite in a salon in my town and I have came back from Vegas super confident in myself. I love the work/life balance this type of work can give me and my family!! I look forward to using everything I have learned. I also plan to go back for the advanced training.
Kasey Mathews
Kasey Mathews
September 27, 2023.
I signed up for Supervision180 back in June of this year after feeling burnt out from bedside nursing. I have always wanted to start my own business but was not sure where to begin. Supervision walks you through each step of the business side as well as the medical side. The staff is amazing. Tom is always available whenever I needed to speak with him. Max gave awesome advice and responsive when needed. All of the business logistics was taught to us and all set up before we left for our hands on training which we recently had in Vegas with Natasha and some amazing trainers/mentors. It was 2 days covering a review of the slides that we had and then the rest of the days were injecting clients. I felt completely prepared to begin my own business and start injecting right away. Everyone at Supervision is available even after the course training for questions or concerns which I think is so amazing. To have the support from staff at Supervision has made me more confident in my decision to start my own aesthetics business. I started booking clients right away upon my return home. I recommend the course to anyone that is looking to start their own business venture.
Angelina Carrera
Angelina Carrera
September 27, 2023.
My journey started in May 2023 with a conversation at work. A Dr was discussing how he wanted to open a medical spa. At first, I planned on working for him. I went online looking for schools. Some were cheap and some more expensive. I checked out the differences and plusses/minuses. When I was looking at Supervision 180, the business portion of the class sparked my interest because I had no idea, I might want to do this by myself. I am a nurse not an accountant, Lawyer, or medical supply liaison. I started thinking that I could be my own boss, set my own hours. It made me very nervous, and I second guessed myself a lot in the beginning of my journey of the program. This was a huge leap for me. I am a single mom, and it would mean I could be home with my daughter on holidays and go on vacation around her school schedule. I decided to take it one step at a time. I am doing this for my family. I have been a nurse for 25 years and am a Retired Army Nurse of 23 years. I have seen and done a lot. I just forgot to give myself credit for it all. I am a strong, caring, and an intelligent woman. I do believe that Supervision 180 helped me to see that. I was not happy working at a hospital anymore, and I feel it every day I go in. I need something completely NEW. Once the decision was made, I was doing this, I needed to come up with the school fee. They have their plan but for me I went to a bank and got a personal loan. I knew if I put my all in this It would pay off. I looked around and Med Spas are opening all over and people are getting neurotoxins and dermal fillers at all ages. Just ask around you will be surprised how many people say they get something done. You should know there are expenses above the school fee. There is a Lawyer fee to legalize your company, paying a company to find you a Medical Director Fee if you are not a NP, if you want a website, there is a cost. Also, products are not cheap even in bulk. Just be prepared to have at least 15-18,000 available above the school fee. I needed Supervision 180 to get the above and I didn’t come up with all the ideas myself. The staff helps tremendously, Max the CMO is fabulous. The trainers share their stories, and they have equitable companies. They started out just like me. I was matched with a Dr., and we hit it off right away. He is very easy-going and open to me expanding with other products if I choose and he is aware I plan to take the advanced training when I am ready. I pay him a monthly fee and communicate via email for the most part. As for the lawyer, I paid a flat fee and got my LLC for my state. In some states it isn’t as easy because each state has different laws. I am thankful mine was smooth. The program is organized and very enlightening. They go very in-depth with the products available and how they work. They get down to the chemical compound which at first, I thought uh oh, but it was actually very helpful and easy to follow. Thumbs up to Supervision 180 for this. I do believe some on the demo videos could be a closer up look and use dots to help us to see exactly what we are doing, At the hands on I was nervous until I got the syringe in my hand and was starting to inject. I was ready, still nervous but not like I thought I would be. The trainers were very professional and helpful. Some of the models were regulars for Supervision 180 for either the beginner course or advanced course and some were getting treatment for the first time. I am excited to get my party started.
Laurie Hunton
Laurie Hunton
September 26, 2023.
Supervision180 program is amazing for Botox and Filler training. The online didactic as well as hands on are top notch. The business portion is good as well, just a lot to do in 2 months. Needs to be more like 6 months to be able to have your business up and running when you get home from the hands on portion of training. A bit disappointed that there weren’t more vendors at the hands on portion of the training so we could talk with them and pick their brains.
Lucy Burns
Lucy Burns
September 26, 2023.
So I started this journey about four months ago whenever I decided that I never really wanted to work as a floor nurse . I was already a salon owner, and really wanted to embark on this journey, but was fearful that I would not succeed or would not know the steps to take to achieve becoming an aesthetic injector. The process and education that supervision has developed is seamless and very educational. Not only on the aesthetic injecting itself, but also in the steps that are needed to create your your business and stay within the legalities of the state in which you live in. For some it seems like a lot of money to pay, but what you get for that you would spend way more doing it on your own.I have literally been home three days from class, and I already have five people wanting me to do their injections, and that was simply by handing out my business card. I plan to attend local events to promote the mobile side of my business, and I plan to work with other tenants in my building to promote their business as well as my own. I think networking is the key to killing this, and making it a success.
Candace Atchison
Candace Atchison
September 26, 2023.
When I started this journey I honestly did not know where to begin. I googled Asethetics and I found this program as well as a few others. What stood out for me with SuperVision 180 was the one stop shop. I would be taught the business ,the technique as well as given many resources to assist me. I loved that there were Attorneys, Medical Directors as well as Malpractice Insurance and Pharmaceutical Companies for me to choose from. The online courses were very easily accessible and the hands on training and certification was fantastic and I learned so much more. I also have continued access and resources through the online portal to assist me as needed. I would recommend SuperVision 180 to anyone interested. No regrets and I plan on Attending the Advanced Training they offer in the near future.

Ever dreamed of your own aesthetic practice?

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“It was the best decision I ever made… I never dreamed I would own my own business!”
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Hospital Burnout is Real!

Among 6 million American nurses, most LOVE nursing but not how it’s run.

They crave change—a chance to aid patients while crafting a fulfilling lifestyle. 

Road to Certification

It’s about time, freedom, financial stability, life on their terms, and building their business and assets

Treat patients from home, host dazzling Botox parties, go mobile or work in a clinic!

And guess what? Most nurses reaching out to us? They’re passionate about aesthetics!

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Can I Really Do this?

If you’re an RN, PA, or NP, the emphatic answer is YES! You can absolutely launch and oversee your very own aesthetic injectable practice in all 50 states!

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Road to Certification

Join the aesthetics revolution! Only 5% of the US has tried Botox or Fillers, a massive opportunity.

SuperVision180 offers a faster, more affordable alternative to spending $100K and 2 years in NP school.

With SuperVision180, you can launch your practice in 90 days, and we provide step-by-step guidance. You can recoup your investment in as little as 2 months.

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Grand Rounds Style Training

#1 The Most Comprehensive Botox & Filler Training

Road to Certification

We Turn Students Into Master Injectors in 90 days or less!

Diagnose, Mark, Inject Multiple Live Models

• Online Science Courses
• Private Practice Start-Up
• Immersive Hands-On Training

Receive Competency Certificates as you go.

Financing options

1. Cash, Debit or Credit Cards

2. In-House Installments

Entire 90-day Program & Hands-On Workshop: $14,900

Cash price $14,900

1. Pay cash with your debit card or use multiple credit-debit cards. **Least expensive option because there are no administrative fees.**

2. Our In-House Installment plan lets you make a $2,998 down payment and then pay the balance in 12 monthly installments of about $1,350/mo. This program is 100% approval – everyone qualifies.

See how you can make

$25,000+ /month

or more in as little as 6 months.


That don’t just teach…

You will learn from luminary instructors who perform Botox & Filler treatments as part of their regular daily practices. They will teach you procedures as well as practical knowledge about running a successful practice.

Our Program

90 Day Business-in-a-Box

3 Steps to your own practice

Training Dates:

 – This is a 90 day program –

Business Training Starts: Enrollment Closes: Hands-On Dates:
Dec. 5 Successful Class Now Closed! Feb. 21, 22, 23
Mar. 8 Successful Class Now Closed! June 5, 6, 7
Nov. TBD

1. Start Here


  • Certificate of Competency – finish in a week
  • 4 Certifications
  • Prerequisite for Hands-On
  • 1 full year access

Start Online Classes. Computer open with SuperVision180 Online Classes showing in the window

4-Part Curriculum

SuperVision180 Botox and Filler Training Online Class

1 Certificate -10 hours

SuperVision180 Botox and Filler Training Online Class

1 Certificate – 14 Hours

SuperVision180 Botox and Filler Training Online Class

1 Certificate – 2 Hours

SuperVision180 Botox and Filler Training Online Class

1 Certificate – 8 Hours

2. Launch Your Practice in 90 days

90 Day

The purpose of this section of our program is to have your practice fully set up and functional before you come to Hands-On training.

Our experts in Medical Law, Finance, Practice Management and medical marketing will guide you in every aspect of getting your new injection practice launched.

We teach you how to have 25-30 new patients scheduled for treatments before you attend Hands-On. We want you to return home from injection training and immediately begin injecting patients and earning money!

Business Curriculum

1. Overview & Expectations
2. Your Business Structure & Start-up Expenses
3. Meet Our Legal Team
4. Obtain Your Medical Director
5. Obtain Malpractice Insurance
6. Sign up for Pharma Accounts
7. Sign up for Medical Supply Accounts
8. EMR Recommendations
9. CPoM vs Non-CPoM
11. Scope of Work
12. Standing Orders
13. Your 6-Month Business Plan
14. Developing Your Marketing Collateral
15. Social Media
16. Your Practice Documents
17. Sales & Marketing
18. Branding & Offer Creation
19. Sales
20. Getting Ready for Hands-On
21. Meet Your Pharma Partners
22. Analyzing Your Profit & Loss (P&L)
23. The Treatment Experience
24. Industry Events
25. Botox Parties & Referrals

3. Hands-On

Full Immersion

Hands-On training is conducted Grand-Rounds style where you diagnose, mark and inject live models that we supply.


We attempt to source models of all different ages, facial structures and skin types so you are exposed to as wide a variety of treatment options as possible.

Day 1

Business round-table

Vendor drop-in, business plan presentation by all students, headshots, cocktails, dinner

Day 2


Day 3



Get Started

Classes fill up quickly so sign up early to reserve your spot.

All Inclusive Pricing

Everything you need to start your training TODAY. We guide you step-by-step through our proven process to get you started in your Aesthetic business in as little as 3 months!

100+ Hours of Education, Training and Start-up instruction

Full Financing Options:

*with 12 month installment plan

Cash price:

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