About SuperVision

SuperVision is an online educational platform focusing on aesthetic and regenerative medicine. We include on and off-label applications presented by leading KOLs, as well as clinical trial papers discussing the latest research and advances. Our goal is to provide knowledge and skills that can be immediately incorporated into a practice and offered to patients wanting to improve youthfulness and health-span.

Our mission is to offer the most advanced and comprehensive medical education to help practitioners achieve the highest level of clinical competency and proficiency possible.

We offer three different venues designed to fit the way medical practitioners want to learn.

  • LIVE, real-time webinars where you can choose the procedures you want to learn and the practitioners you want to study under.
  • Exceptionally high quality online courses packed with HD procedural videos, didactic lectures and background science that guide you carefully through the material. Ideal for beginners. Once the basics have been mastered, students should join our LIVE webinars to learn more.
  • Classroom and hands-on training — coming soon, post virus lock-downs.

SuperVision features the newest, leading edge products, devices, technologies and modalities currently in vogue in the aesthetic industry. Courses are updated monthly with new content and technology.

Stay current, build your knowledge base, grow your practice!