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Our Topics

Live Webinars

More Info Global Facial Optimization with Fillers and Toxins

This LIVE-Webinar series is an overview of global facial sculpting and touches on all the treatment areas. Dr. Emer focuses on combination approaches of facial sculpting with dermal fillers and neurotoxins for men and women. Watch Dr. Emer demonstrate micro-augmentation with dermal fillers, feathering and layering for subtle results, fillers for smile lines (nasolabial folds), marionette lines (laugh lines), mouth corners, and crow's feet, how to define the 'OG' curve of the lower/under-eye, lateral cheek, and temple to improve structure, shape, and shadowing, enhancing the cheeks to slim the face, improving under-eye hollows and dark circles, volume and lift in the midface, projecting the chin and how to balance the lower, middle, and upper face.

More Info Temple / Eyebrows / Forehead

As we age we all lose volume in our brow and temples. Soft tissue and bone dissolve while muscle and connective tissues shrink. In these LIVE webinars Dr. Emer teaches his artistic approach to improving facial balance, creating a healthier, youthful, and more rested appearance. He shows you to assess each patient and which fillers or toxins to use, and how to combine treatments to achieve the best results. Dr. Emer?s ability to choose just the right dermal fillers is due in part to his vast knowledge of products currently available and how those fillers behave when injected. He discusses how to determine the best filler for your patient, how much use and how many treatments are needed.

More Info Periocular Rejuvenation

In this LIVE-webinar section, Dr. Emer teaches how to diminish under eye hollows & dark circles and rejuvenate your patient's face with injectable fillers. Dermal fillers for under eyes and the entire periocular region are quick, cost-efficient, and less invasive than surgical blepharoplasty. Results are seen immediately and your patients will go home happy with their new, younger appearance. Dr. Emer demonstrates how precision injecting provides natural, subtle results that give your patients a brighter, friendlier, more youthful appearance. He also discusses laser treatments, peels, mesotherapy, and microneedling with PRP to improve under eye hollows and dark circles.

More Info Midface

The secret to those stunning, sculpted cheeks:Fillers. In this LIVE webinar series, Dr. Emer teaches you the proper way to heighten and define cheekbones - and how to instantly make a patient's signature features 'pop'! You will also learn his specialized mid face layering techniques which involves deep injections, followed by superficial injections to soften the nasolabial fold, and around the eye and eyebrow. All the common HA and non HA dermal fillers are discussed and demonstrated and you will see before and afters with actual patients.

More Info Perioral Rejuvenation

Dr. Emer teaches you how to achieve natural, subtle changes that makes the lips and perioral region 'pop' without looking over-filled or 'fake'. This section is all about dermal fillers for the lips and mouth, which fillers are best for building the perfect pout, how to do delicate plumping, and how long fillers last. The perioral area defines youthful appearance, attractiveness, and beauty. When it comes to our lips in particular, we mostly all want the same thing: healthy, hydrated, radiant lips that look youthful and that don't disappear when we smile. Dr. Emer shows you how it's done.

More Info Chin / Jawline / Neck lines

Watch Dr. Emer weave his magic to craft the perfect ?snatched jawline?. This LIVE webinar focuses on dermal fillers for chin, jaw and neck lines. All the popular HA and non-HA fillers are covered as well as aftercare treatments, how long fillers last and which ones to choose. You will see immediate before and afters with actual patients. The range of available treatments for jaw and neckline is vast and Dr. Emer gives you his secrets about assembling the right combination of treatments for your patients.

More Info Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid Rhinoplasty is very popular with patients looking to alter the shape or appearance of their nose without incurring the risk, cost, and downtime of actual surgery. In this LIVE webinar series, Dr. Emer demonstrates his methodologies of performing subtle, minimally invasive liquid rhinoplasties that provide lift, create volume, straighten, contour, and correct irregularities in the nose with little to no downtime. You will be stunned by the immediate before and after improvements you will see.

More Info Hands

Aging hands are a normal part of the aging process characterized by wrinkles, hollowing of the dorsal web spaces, and prominence of veins and extensor tendons. Hand rejuvenation with injectable fillers offers immediate improvement in volume loss, wrinkled skin and the appearance of unsightly veins and tendons. Your patients will see instant results and will no longer feel like hiding their hands. Dr. Emer shows you how to achieve fast and visible improvement with dermal fillers, how to layer in the filler. Hands are delicate and these LIVE webinars are your chance to study under Dr. Emer, ask your questions and get specific guidance.

More Info Penile Rejuvenation

Penile augmentation is increasingly sought by men who are dissatisfied with the size and/or appearance of their penis. Penis size is considered to symbolize masculinity and sexual prowess. Men commonly believe that a large penis is needed to impress their sexual partners. According to the most recent articles, men who seek penile enhancement procedures almost always have penises within normal size ranges. Girth appears to be more important for sexual satisfaction, particularly from the perspective of female sexual partners. This may be a result of the vaginal opening being stretched in such a way that deep structures such as the clitoral crura and vestibular bulbs are more stimulated, as well as greater stimulation of the clitoral glans by the movement of the penis. The vagina is densely packed with receptors that are finely tuned to detect stretch sensations and thus readily detect variability in circumference, as opposed to vibrations and temperature. Until now, few options outside o

More Info Vaginal Rejuvenation

Not too long ago 'vaginal rejuvenation' was a cringe-worthy concept evoking scalpels and sutures. That's all changed. Dr. Emer has developed a combination of rejuvenation protocols that are fast, extremely effective, non-invasive and that are helping women regain their confidence and heightened levels of arousal and orgasm. Advanced medical technology and creative treatment plans have revolutionized vaginal rejuvenation and in these LIVE webinars, Dr. Emer demonstrates his combination treatments including the Fem-Sot, ultra- sensitive clitoris stimulation, advanced tissue tightening technology to the exterior and interior vaginal walls, fillers - PRP or Sculptra to plump the vaginal area, liposuction of the mons pubis, Botox to decrease sweating and Votiva Forma V.

Online Courses

More Info Botox Online Series

This is a 2-course online series; Botox Basics and Botox Advanced. For anyone new to injecting, these two courses give you a perfect foundation of scientific, didactic and procedural knowledge. . Botox Basics covers the 4 major upper face injection areas; Glabellar Complex, Forehead, Crow's Feet and Brow. Botox Advanced covers 11 different lower face areas including Suborbital Lines, Bunny Lines, Gummy Smile, Down Turned Mouth, Asymmetrical Smile, Smoker's Lines, Orange Peel Chin, Neck Bands, Necklace Lines, Nefertiti Lift, TMD, Bruxing, Square Jaw Appearance and Sweat Glands - these are the advanced techniques most injectors cannot perform because they do not know how. With 48 HD videos, you will see each procedure in fine detail. Play the videos over and over until you are comfortable. Your patients will be thrilled at the comprehensive range of treatments you can offer after taking these online courses. Most people can compete both courses over a weekend and you earn 20 CME credits

More Info Fillers Online Series

This is a 2-course series all about Dermal Fillers and like our Botox online series, these two dermal filler courses give you a perfect foundation of scientific, didactic and procedural knowledge. Most practitioners take dermal fillers after the Botox series. Dermal Fillers Basic covers the 5 basic treatment areas of the lower face; Marionette Lines, Nasal Labial Folds, Perioral, Mental Crease and Lip Augmentation. Dermal Fillers Advanced covers volumizing of the Cheeks, Temples, Eye troughs, Prejowl sulcus, Chin, Submalar area, Jaw, Lips and Hands. With 60 HD videos, you will see each procedure in fine detail. Play the videos over and over until you are comfortable. Most people can compete both courses over a weekend and you earn 28 CME credits for the combination. Once you've completed the online courses, you can jump into the more advanced LIVE-webinars on Facial Sculpting with Fillers and Toxins.

More Info Practice Management with Botox and Fillers Online Series

Two courses: The Business of Botox & Fillers + Back Office Botox & Fillers These two courses are about money and staff alignment, key components of a successful medical practice. The Business of Botox and Fillers explains pricing, profit margins, how much you should pay for product, how many patients you should aim to handle in a given day, what sort of split you should have with your managing physician (assuming you are a nurse working under a physician) or how much you should split with your injectors if you are a physician. We show you a simple formula system, which you should just follow in the beginning. After you gain experience, you can tweak our formula for your situation. But for now follow our simple rules and you will be successful. Back Office Botox and Fillers is designed to teach all your back office staff the basics about toxins and fillers so they can speak easily with customers about the procedures your practice offers. Your staff will sound informed, knowledgeable and

More Info Plasma Pen Series

PlasmaMD is the leading, compact handheld device employing plasma technology for non-surgical skin rejuvenation, using proprietary ARC Technology as the key differentiator. PlasmaMD and Plasma+ are FDA Class ll cleared for soft tissue coagulation and lesion removal.