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"love this!"

I really enjoyed Natausha. She was easy to understand and when she goes off script and puts her own spin on it with her own stories, students love this. It makes it more real. We love to learn from others and don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

Valerie B - Scottsdale, AZ

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Basic Program
  • For: Beginning injectors
  • Learn upper face injection techniques & science
  • Includes Basic Botox Online & Basic Filler Online, 10 hours each
  • Complete both online courses in 2 days
  • Includes 2-Day Basic Botox and Fillers Hands-on class with live models
  • Earn 40 CME Hours
  • Begin injecting your patients with confidence
Basic Program Info
Advanced Program
  • For Intermediate and Advanced injectors
  • Focus on lower face injection techniques & science
  • Includes Advanced Botox Online and Advanced Filler Online, 14 hours each
  • Complete both online courses in 3 days
  • Includes 2-Day Advanced Botox and Fillers Hands-on class with live models
  • Earn 40 CME Hours
  • Begin performing advanced injections on your patients
Advanced Program Info

Why Take Our Program?

Our Accelerated Training Model provides a fast track to competency.

Novices and intermediate injectors start with online courses covering the basic science of each procedure accompanied by didactic lectures. Our online programs provide step by step videos, animated lectures and integrated exams that test knowledge. CMEs are awarded after passing the tests.

After the online courses, students attend hands-on training classes working with luminary trainers to perfect skills. And, as a bonus, live webinars provide continuing, advanced training where students can watch, ask and learn in real-time and receive additional CMEs.

"Way better than great!

I feel like this program was awesome. I signed up for it thinking it would be great but then it's been way better than even great!

Heather Lundgreen, RN

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