Fast Track Esthetician Training

Esthetician Fast Track
Microneedling, Botox & Filler Certification Program

Fast Track Esthetician Clinical Training Program
The comprehensive, certification course in Microneedling, Neurotoxins-Botox and Dermal Fillers
designed for all estheticians, nurses, physicians and dentists

Esthetician PROGRAM Plan
  • Complete Online Botox & Fillers Series
    Full Day Hands-On Course
    Hands-On MicroNeedling with Lance Setterfield, MD
    8:30am - 5:30pm
    8 CME Hrs
    Purchased Individually: $1,900
  • Complete Online Botox & Fillers Series
    Self-Paced Online Training
    Basic MicroNeedling - On-Line
    Complete before hands-on class. Takes 1 day or less to complete.
    8 CME Hrs
    Purchased Individually: $999

Basic Program Tuition: 16 CME Hours Save $400!

Basic Program Tuition:
16 CME Hours
Save $400!

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Complete Online Botox & Fillers Series

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Superior Results

Esthetitians ... soon started getting results that matched or were superior to the dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Lance Setterfield, MD

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Lance Setterfield, one of the world’s foremost Dermal Needling experts, is an educator, skin treatment specialist & international speaker. Author of “The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling, Third Medical Edition – Revised & Expanded” (published in English, Spanish and Portuguese), as well as creator of the Microneedling Online Course and live Microneedling Workshops, he draws from 37 years of medical experience.

Dr. Setterfield was one of the first physicians in Canada to incorporate medical needling into his practice in 2005, and consequently supports clinics in many parts of the world as a consultant and key opinion leader. His special interest is cell-to-cell communication, researching effects of dermal needling on the epidermis (cosmetic) & dermis (medical). Collaboration with companies and physicians around the world has enabled him to be on the forefront of this treatment modality and associated technology.

Program Details

The Hands-On Course, building on the online training course, offers knowledge beyond the basic training provided by companies selling devices. It is independent, unbiased, non-product aligned training, and contains most of what one needs to know about needling and skin care. It includes a live demonstration of roller and electronic device techniques. While receiving all the necessary basic information to treat patients, until one becomes well-versed and familiar with all the subject matter, it may be difficult for some to pull all the information together when faced with a particular problem they need to treat, which prompted the following course creation: Clinical Application of Microneedling Course.

This Clinical Live Course is designed to take clinicians to the next level in both clinical and treatment knowledge. The goal is for clinicians to attain the highest level of knowledge in microneedling to maximize patient outcomes and safety. This is an accelerated course, and attendance assumes a basic foundational level of knowledge which is made possible by the completion of the Online Microneedling Course (, or previous attendance of an Integrated Microneedling Course.

This class offers information in a way that has practical application as it pertains to diagnosis and treatment. More specifically, clinicians will learn how to approach antiaging (wrinkles and hyperpigmentation), acne, scars, as well as pitfalls with rosacea and sensitive skin. Hair restoration and stretch marks are covered briefly. All forms of treatment are considered for these conditions, not just microneedling. It includes a live demonstration of roller and electronic device techniques.

What You Will Learn

  • Basic skin anatomy and physiology
  • Skin care product active ingredients – the positives enhanced by microneedling
  • Skin care product inactive ingredients – the negatives amplified by microneedling
  • The consultation process – history, exam, and diagnosis
  • Classification of Fitzpatrick Skin Typing
  • How to select the appropriate treatment for the appropriate patient
  • How needling works – cell-to-cell communication and gene regulation
  • Timing or frequency of treatments and why
  • Treatment protocols – before, during, and after medical microneedling
  • Device selection – Pros and cons of rollers, stamps, and electrical devices (pens)
  • Microneedling techniques
  • Infection control
  • Contraindications – relative and absolute
  • Side effects and complications – how to avoid them
  • How to combine microneedling with other treatment modalities to maximize results and avoid counterproductive effects with e.g. fillers

What Students Say

"class is an absolute must"

In my opinion, if anyone is considering adding needling to their practice, this needling class is an absolute must. If you think you know about needling, once you take this class you will realize that there is so much more you needed to learn. I came away with a greater understanding of how the skin works and what we must do to preserve the health of our clients’ skin. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to also purchase your book! Thank you, Dr. Setterfield, for taking the time to travel and to share your knowledge with the rest of us.

Orlando, FL - Workshop attendee

"Seminar Was Wonderful"

I think your seminar was wonderful. Yes, it was technical and advanced, but I understood every word. I guess it’s all relative to the people who attend and what their background is, right? I ENJOYED IT! You were terrific and I appreciated your sense of humor. Thank you for that!

Las Vegas, NV - Workshop attendee

"a wealth of knowledge"

I enjoyed your class in Las Vegas very much, and I’m reading your book from the front to the back and from the back to the front. I’m sorry I didn’t become a dermatologist in my younger years, so I would know more about skin. I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you…you opened up a new door for me to a wealth of knowledge that makes my job so much more interesting, and answers so many of my questions.

Las Vegas, NV - Workshop attendee

"you will never learn so much"

Dr Setterfield wrote what has become the industry bible on microneedling. He is a very personable instructor, and I promise you will never learn so much in such a short time. If you aren’t doing microneedling yet, you will be. Or your competitors will.

Vancouver, WA - Workshop attendee

"ready to take on rolling the world"

I felt the information you provided was spot on and thoroughly enjoyed the class. The feedback you gave during the practical was invaluable and I especially appreciated the feedback on ergonomics during the treatment. I am ready to take on rolling the world after your class and my clients are lining up for the process to start.

Moscow - Workshop attendee