Botox & Filler Hands-On Clinical Training Program

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  • Complete Online Botox & Fillers Series
    Day 1
    Basic Botox & Filler Lecture & Hands-On Clinical Training
    8:30am - 5:30pm
    8 CME Hrs
    Purchased Individually: $1,900
  • Complete Online Botox & Fillers Series
    Day 2
    Basic Botox & Filler Hands-On Clinical Training
    8:30am - 5:30pm
    8 CME Hrs
    Purchased Individually: $1,900
Core Online In-Depth Courses & Reference Guides
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Basic Program Tuition: 40 CME Hours Save $1,948!

Basic Program Tuition:
40 CME Hours
Save $1,948!

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Complete Online Botox & Fillers Series

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Botox Demo - Live with Natausha Spears, BS RN

SuperVision Student Testimonials

Filler Demo - Live with Natausha Spears, BS RN

The Business Case
The Business Case
The Business Case

Aesthetic treatments are in high demand and SuperVision180 is focused entirely on helping nurses and doctors add cash-pay aesthetic services to their practices. Our training methods are unique; a blend of high-tech and hands on. Our instructors are experts in the subject they are teaching and you will be learning from the best. We also teach you the business side of aesthetics so you know exactly how to get started and how to run an exciting, profitable practice.

Listen to our students explain why they want to be in aesthetics

I always wanted to work in aesthetics

Start your training here and learn all the basics.

Our Basic Botox and Filler Hands-on program is the right place to start. The class focuses on science, facial anatomy, proportioning and needle technique, as well as the business issues of starting a Botox practice.
The package program starts with two online courses, Online Basic Botox and Online Basic Dermal Fillers, which you take first. You can start those immediately, as soon as you register. They cover the science and didactics and are terrifically detailed with many embedded exams to test knowledge - you can take the courses over and over with no restriction. You must pass the online courses first, which we require that so everyone comes to the Hands-on classes fully prepared.
When you arrive for the Hands-on portion of the training, Day 1 covers Botox and Day 2 covers fillers. We start each day with a short orientation lecture and then everyone breaks into small groups for a full day of injection training and observation. The end of each day is reserved for case presentation by each student group and Q & A. The program includes 40 CMEs and Certificates.

"Rock Stars!"

Working with these instructors has been amazing. I feel like I'm learning from the best of the best of the best. And I feel like I'm working with celebrities. You know to people in this industry, they kind of are. They're rock stars!

Morgan Fowler, RN

"Amazing Hands-on Experience"

It's an amazing hands-on experience. Everyone supports each other. You get to network, meet other people who are in the same boat as you and then you leave here feeling much more confident in your own abilities and you can succeed on your own.

Barbara Kulik, NP

Meet Your Instructor

"Natausha Spears is an aesthetic nurse who is recognized as a true innovator in the cosmetic industry."

During the last 20 years, Natausha has had the opportunity to work with several physicians and medical spas, learning and observing from some of the leading aesthetic physicians and plastic surgeons in the industry.

Natausha graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Zoology, and then went on to continue her education in the field of nursing. Natausha did her injection training in Canada, under leading Canadian injector, Dr. Mark Bailey. She also traveled to California where she had the opportunity to work with and train under renowned plastic surgeon, Steven Mulholland, MD. Over the years, she has continued to take multiple courses and attend aesthetic conferences in order to stay abreast of the latest trends and newest innovations as they arrive on the cosmetic scene.

A Specialist in the Art of Injections

In September 2009, Natausha opened Injectable Aesthetics, a free-standing medical spa located in north Oklahoma City that focuses on injections of Neurotoxins and Dermal Fillers. Her desire was to create a setting where patients could come and receive cosmetic treatments from a specialist in the art of injections.

Global Training

Natausha has been teaching others in the field of aesthetics for 12 years. Natausha has traveled all over the country, training multiple-specialty physicians and dentists, as well as physician assistants and nurses. She herself has performed over 120,000 aesthetic procedures during her career in non-surgical aesthetics. She sits on the board for the International Academy of Aesthetic Facial Academics (IAAFA), and she is also a member of the Association of the Medical Esthetic Nurse, and the American Aesthetic Nursing Association.

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