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Leading Edge Professional Education

SuperVision180 is a brand new way of learning. We offer three different venues designed to fit the way medical practitioners want to learn. You will be training under the best in the world — seasoned, high-demand individuals who are well known for their special artistry and skill.
LIVE, real-time webinars.
Choose the procedures you want to learn and the practitioners you want to study under. Our fast paced 1 hour broadcasts are in HD so you see every detail. These are LIVE sessions, not pre-recorded. You will watch and interact while the master practitioner performs the latest, leading edge aesthetic procedures. Ask your questions, get immediate answers, learn subtlety, nuance, and artistry and go far beyond the textbook. SuperVision is up close and personal, just like being in the room while the practitioner performs.
Exceptionally high quality Online Courses
Packed with HD procedural videos, didactic lectures and background science that guide you carefully through the material. Perfect for beginners and for those wanting refresher courses; study from home or office. Watch the videos over and over, study the details, pass the tests and collect your CMEs and certificates, all online. Once you have the basics mastered, jump over to our Hands-On training events to perfect your skills. LIVE webinars are a great opportunity to explore creative solutions, to see what other practitioners are doing and just to learn more.
Classroom and hands-on training.
The best way to perfect your skills and emerge with confidence. Check out our Hands-On Training Programs which incorporate online training, hands-on training.
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New - Penile Rejuvenation Live

Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Jason Emer's inimitable approach to male sexual enhancement blends several state-of-the-art treatments to ensure noticeable and substantial results.

New - Vaginal Rejuvenation Live

Beverly Hills women of all ages have sought Dr. Emer's renowned aesthetic expertise, his sensitive, non-invasive approach, and his mastery of rejuvenation to improve the look and feel of their vagina.