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Live, real-time, interactive, webinar training with Dr. Jason Emer.

Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid Rhinoplasty (otherwise know as nonsurgical rhinoplasty) is very popular with patients looking to alter the shape or appearance of their nose without incurring the risk, cost, and downtime of actual surgery.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Rhinoplasty with Filler Injections

In a study released in 2020 by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) of 5,000 non-surgical rhinoplasties, the author states,

"We find this treatment an excellent alternative to surgical rhinoplasty....this study demonstrates high efficacy and safety, and relatively low complication rates in the hands of an experienced clinician. It thus should only be performed by those clinicians who possess a sound understanding of the relevant anatomy and safe injectable techniques."

In this LIVE webinar series, Dr. Emer demonstrates his methodologies of performing subtle, minimally invasive liquid rhinoplasties that provide lift, create volume, straighten, contour, and correct irregularities in the nose with little to no downtime. Watch the videos on this page and you will see examples. The results are immediate and remarkable, and patients go home happy, all without surgery.

But it is critical to train under a cosmetic dermatologist with Dr. Emer’s level of artistry and expertise before performing this procedure. There is always a risk of vascular occlusion, skin necrosis, and serious damage to the skin if not performed by a well trained injector.

Liquid Rhinoplasty | Treatment for Nose Bumps and Droopy Nasal Tip

- January 2020This procedure is performed (HA) injected directly into the nasal bones to get instant improvement.

Non-Surgical Nose Job | "Liquid Rhinoplasty”

- January 2020Ideal Candidate: Bump or irregularities on the nose; droopy nasal tip; previous surgery indentations

As you will learn, Dr. Emer often compliments these filler treatments with a series of neuromodulator injections to the “bunny lines” and small aliquots along the nose bridge.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Rhinoplasty
- 2020
Non Surgical RHINOPLASTY For Asian Noses Juvederm VOLLURE

- 2020This patient had some bridge imperfections on her nose and drooping of the nasal tip. She was looking for an alternative to surgery.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Rhinoplasty with Voluma

Dr. Jason Emer demonstrates the use of the filler Voluma to correct a deformity in a male patient's nose.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Rhinoplasty with Filler Injections
- 2020*March issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)