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Live, real-time, interactive, webinar training with Dr. Jason Emer.

These are LIVE, real-time sessions. Not pre-recorded. You get to see how it's done by the premier aesthetic practitioner in America.

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Facial Sculpting: Midface and Cheek

Learn how your patients can reclaim facial contours and definition with Midface and Cheek Augmentation using injectable fillers.

Female Facial Sculpting Dermal Filler Cheeks

- January 2020

Loss of facial fullness and fat redistribution provide the visual clue to an individual's age. With this in mind, the goal with a rejuvenation procedure should be to restore the facial fullness and balance that exemplifies the youthful face.

One of the most common questions patients ask Dr. Emer is how their favorite celebrities achieve a sculpted, lifted, and chiseled look. As we age, our faces begin to lose shape, contour and volume, the skin begins to sag, and fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent. And yet, television personalities and film stars somehow maintain their elevated, sculpted, modelesque cheeks.

The Secret to Those Stunning, Sculpted Cheeks: Fillers

Facial sculpting with fillers is a painless, non-surgical approach to enhancing facial contours. In this LIVE webinar series, Dr. Emer teaches you the proper way to heighten and define cheekbones - and how to instantly make a patient’s signature features “pop”!

Female Facial Sculpting | Dermal Fillers to the Cheeks

- May 2019

Watch Dr. Emer treat actual patients in real-time HD and ask your questions as he goes along. Listen and learn how Dr. Emer works with each patient, how he explains what he’s doing and how he guides each patient down the customized pathway he has developed for them. These are LIVE, real-time sessions. Not pre- recorded. You get to see how it’s done by the premier aesthetic practitioner in America.

What’s it like when the action starts? Take a look at all the videos below to see what happens between Dr. Emer and his patients. He’s the most successful aesthetic practitioner and American and this is your chance to learn and emulate how he works.

Male Facial Sculpting using Radiesse for Midface

- January 2020

How Does Dr. Emer Do it Differently?

In these LIVE webinars, Dr. Emer explains how each dermal filler has its own characteristics and how to judge the pros and cons of each over the other. You will learn how Dr. Emer crafts a specific treatment plan for each patient and what that entails. He stresses that it is up to you, the practitioner, to develop and recommend the correct and comprehensive treatment plan for each of your patients.

You will also learn his specialized mid face layering techniques which involves deep injections, followed by superficial injections to soften the NLF, and around the eye and eyebrow.

The key to successful facial sculpting is to understand each patient’s goals and never allow the patient to appear unnatural or “overdone.”

Male Facial Sculpting Dermal Fillers Cheek

- March 2020

Cheek Fillers Are for Men, Too

Dr. Emer points out that men and women often have different aesthetic goals and therefore require different treatments, often beyond the single treatment they came in wanting to improve. Achieving a masculine, chiseled look is quite different than sculpting the ideal female face. You will see in the LIVE webinars how Dr. Emer will often balance a male patient’s cheek lift or augmentation with projection of the jaw and chin, creating a more defined masculine jawline.

Male Facial Sculpting Midface, Chin, Temples, Jawline

- January 2020

You Will Learn About the Most Popular Cheek Fillers and Other Treatment Options:

  • Juvederm for Cheek Augmentation: the gold standard HA filler for cheek augmentation.
  • Radiesse for Cheek Augmentation: Radiesse is a calcium-based injectable that is composed of microspheres suspended in a sugar-based gel, making it much more dense than HA- based dermal fillers.
  • Restylane Lyft / Defyne for Cheek Augmentation
  • Belllafill for Cheek Augmentation: a semi- permanent injectable filler
  • Sculptra for Cheek Augmentation
  • Fat Transfer
  • Renuva
  • Surgical implants

Learn How to Spot Good Candidate for Cheek Fillers

Dr. Emer teaches you how to assess patients and distinguish the treatment differences for round faces vs those with thinner faces who may need less projection laterally and more filling in the temples or under the eyes.