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Dr. Emer teaches the artistry of Temple / Eyebrows / Forehead Augmentation

with Fillers, Sculptra and Fat grafting — improving hollow, sunken temples with no downtime

As we age we all lose volume in our brow and temples. Soft tissue and bone dissolve while muscle and connective tissues shrink. This leads to less structural support in the temple area, which results in folds, wrinkles and volume loss. This typically starts in the mid 20’s and becomes obvious by the 40’s. Athletic or very individuals are especially prone to sunken temples, which give their face a sunken appearance and cause the eyebrows and upper face to sag.

Sculptra Temples / Facial Structure Defining Contouring

Fillers; The Fast, Non Surgical Solution

By combining neurotoxins, injectable fillers, Sculptra and autologous fat grafting, Dr. Emer has developed a vast array of combination protocols to restore the youthful appearance of the temples, eyebrows and forehead.

Learn Dr. Emer's Artistic Methods

In these LIVE webinars Dr. Emer teaches his artistic approach to improving facial balance and structure, defining the ogee curve, and creating a healthier, youthful, and more rested appearance. He shows you how to assess each patient individually and to choose which fillers or toxins to use, why one type is preferable over another and how to combine treatments to achieve the best results.

Chemical Brow Lift with Botox Injections

- January 2019

Learn The "Brow Lift" with Dr. Emer

Men and women alike seek to soften the appearance of premature wrinkles on the forehead, eyes (Crow’s Feet), chin, (Cobblestone Chin), frown lines between eyebrows ("11” Lines), nose wrinkles (Bunny lines), and even neck bands/lines.

Dr. Emer shows you how he uses neurotoxins such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin to lift the brow in a single treatment. Or, depending on the patient, how he injects fillers to deliver a no-Botox brow lift, resulting in an arched brow and a “gull wing” look for those seeking an “open eye” and contoured upper face.

Learn Which Fillers to Use?

Female Facial Sculpting | Temples, Brow Lift, Cheeks

- January 2020

Dr. Emer’s ability to choose just the right dermal fillers is due in part to his vast knowledge of products currently available, how each contrast or combine with the others, and how those fillers behave when injected. He will teach you how to determine the best filler for your patient, how much use and how many treatments are needed. It’s a complex discussion with many variables but you will be learning from the master. Some of the products he discusses:

  • Belotero Balance, a thin, versatile, soft tissue filler
  • Restylane Defyne, which has an inherent lifting ability and larger particles

Juvederm Voluma, an instantly volumizing filler Semi-permanent synthetic fillers such as:

  • Bellafill, an FDA-approved filler comprised of tiny polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres,
  • Radiesse, a calcium-based filler that adds volume under the skin over time by stimulating your body’s own natural collagen.
  • Sculptra, an FDA-approved, injectable poly-L- lactic acid

Learn How Cannulas Reduce Complications

Dr. Emer often uses cannulas and he shows you why they minimize bruising and swelling. Cannulas add extra steps but the results are worth the effort. Dr. Emer shows his method of feathering fillers directly into the suprabrow to contour and lift the brow in a way that never looks unnatural or overdone.

Synthetic Fat Grafting with Renuva Adipose Matrix

Learn Temple Fillers for Men?

When it comes to volume loss, men often show signs of aging more rapidly than women. Male facial sculpting involves treating not only the temple area but also everything proximal including under eye hollows and dark circles, the midface, the cheek, jawline, chin, lips, and around the mouth.

Dr. Emer is particularly skilled in the art of male facial sculpting and teaches horizontal injections for men — not vertical, avoiding the "cat-eye" look. With subtle improvements, you can maintain a masculine look while improving volume, definition, and facial balance to create a natural-looking, “modelesque” appearance.

Learn Fat Injections for Temple Augmentation?

Facial fat grafting is a minimal-downtime procedure with long-term results that repurposes a patient’s own fat in combination with PRP, growth factors and stem-cells to shape, and volumize. Fat grafting is especially useful for patients who need to add a large facial volume. In addition to autologous fat is the option of synthetic fat, Renuva Adipose Matrix.

Fat Transfer for Face Facial Contour with Fat Grafting

- January 2018

Dr. Emer explains the procedure and discusses the advantages over standard fillers. Fat grafting has become extremely popular during the last few years.

Because it is autologous and no synthetic products are used, allergic reactions are virtually eliminated.

The ideal candidates for facial contouring with fat grafting techniques are individuals who:
  • Have creases, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Have sunken or hollow facial areas
  • Have facial depressions such as acne scars
  • Have lost facial volume because of the aging process

Fat grafting results are permanent, but not all fat will survive. Dr. Emer’s advanced water-assisted harvesting methods vastly improve the longevity of the treatment by transferring only the most viable, sustainable fat cells.