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Everything you need to start your training TODAY. We guide you step-by-step through our proven process to get you started in your Aesthetic business in as little as 3 months!

100+ Hours of Education, Training and Start-up instruction

Online Class Series

$4,000 Value

Start today!

1. Botox Basics (10 Hours)
2. Filler Basics (14 Hours)
3. Botox Business (2 Houres)
4. Botox Back-office (8 Hours)

SuperVision180 Botox and Filler Training Online ClassSuperVision180 Botox and Filler Training Online ClassSuperVision180 Botox and Filler Training Online Class

90-Day Practice Start-Up & Mentorship Program with LIVE, Virtual Training

$15,000 Value

Learn from experts in Medical Law, Finance, Practice Management and medical marketing about how to start and operate an aesthetic injection practice.

The purpose of this section of our program is to have your practice set up and functional before you come to Hands-On training. This means having your Medical Director and malpractice in place, Pharma accounts established, medical suppliers chosen, name, branding, target markets all chosen and patients lined up, all before you come to Hands-On. This way, you return home after the injection workshop and begin treating patients.

(Start immediately!) 

  • – Student cohort to support your new journey!
  • – Live & Recorded (for your convenience) Webinar
  • – Personalized feedback for your business
  • – Live Q&A from Marketing Director and VP of Clinical Operations
    (our VP is also a Registered Nurse with 20+ years of experience)

Series of virtual seminars where we give you a step-by-step plan for starting and running your practice. We want you to have the full infrastructure of your injectable practice in place before you attend the Hands-On Workshop:


Medical – Legal & Launch

  • Medical Director
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Get supplies
  • Set up product accounts
  • Marketing, branding, social
  • Patient acquisition
  • Stationary, consent forms, referral programs
    • Prollenium – Fillers
    • Jeuveau – New Tox
    • Allergan – Botox
    • Merz – Xeomin
    • Daxify – Revance
    • Galderma – Dysport
    Models & Product

    $4,200 Value

    Hands-On training is conducted Grand-Rounds style where you diagnose, mark and inject live models that we supply. We attempt to source models of all different ages, facial structures and skin types so you are exposed to as wide a variety of treatment options as possible.

    Day 1 is Botox injection training and Day 2 is Filler training. You are assigned to a group of students that work with an instructor. You all work around a designated treatment chair. You group diagnose, and then one of you injects that model to completion. Then the next model is called in and the process is repeated with the next student in rotation doing the injection. This is how it will go in your practice and how you should learn. Each student group will see 10-12 models each day.

    The days are packed and you will return home confident in your skills.

    Hands-On Botox & Filler Workshop + Accommodations

    $10,500 Value

    Day 1: Botox Injecting
    Upper face: 5-7 treatment areas

    Day 2: Filler Injecting
    Lower face: 5-7 treatment areas

    Day 1 & Day 2: Fully catered gourmet breakfast 

    Day 1 & Day 2: Fully catered gourmet lunch

    Cocktails & Dinner
    A special meet & greet with cocktails and dinner will take place. Connect with your fellow students and get a chance to mingle and discuss the industry with members from your cohort.

    You will be joined by the CEO, CTO, VP of Clinical Operations and Director of Marketing. You have a chance to meet the team!

    2 Night Stay provided at Luxurious Resort and Spa
    When you’re at the training we want you to relax and focus on Injections! We’ve taken special care to provide you with this luxury experience (including your free room) to ensure you feel well rested, nourished, and ready to learn.


    Full Financing Options:

    *with 10 month installment plan

    Cash price:
    ($30,700 Value)

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    – SuperVision180 Team