Pharma-Partner Discount Kit

As the #1 Elite program in the US and Europe, we have partnered with the major pharmaceutical companies to provide you with discounted pricing on your initial purchases. The purpose is to help your new practice start making money quickly.

Pharma-Partner Discount Kit

The Pharma-Partner offer is open to students willing to commit to building a significant practice, generally in the revenue range of $30K per month

The number of vials of toxin and syringes of filler you receive will vary from time to time based on what the Pharma companies allocate for our students but in general the retail value of the Discount Kit is somewhere around $7,000 to $10,000. Think of this as an introductory offer from your Pharma partners. You will pay a small amount for the Discount Kit but in general the Kit will put many thousands of dollars in your pocket as you use the product on your first patients.

In addition to the Discount Kit products, the Pharma companies will give you a large discount on future orders as a SuperVision180 student. The discounts are worth thousands more in savings to you each year. Again, more money to help support your practice.

The Pharma companies recognize with all the advanced training and business skills you are getting from SuperVision180, you will be successful and will order large amounts of product from them. They are willing to bet on you and your success because of your elite training.

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